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Fibreglass Telescopic Ladder

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Ladder Central supplies a huge range of Fibreglass Telescopic Ladders


Telescopic ladders are the most versatile ladders where it can be easily converted into adjustable step ladders, stair ladders and extension ladders.  Takes little space for storage or transport as it folds into a short ladder.  Little Giant is the only ladder manufacturer in the world that makes the telescopic ladders with fibreglass rails.  Fibreglass is non-conductive hence it is highly recommended to be used where there is a risk of electrical hazard.



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LITTLE GIANT Dark Horse Model 13 Fibreglass Telescopic Ladder 0.9m - 3.3m

Specifications: Double Step Ladder.  Height: 0.9m to 1.5m Extension Ladder. Height: 2.1m to 3.3m St..

$780.00 $680.00 Ex GST: $618.18

LITTLE GIANT Dark Horse Model 17 Fibreglass Telescopic Ladder 1.2m - 4.5m

  Specifications: Double Step Ladder.  Height: 1.2m to 2.1m Extension Ladder. Height:..

$1,010.00 $780.00 Ex GST: $709.09

LITTLE GIANT Dark Horse Model 22 Fibreglass Telescopic Ladder 1.5m - 5.7m

Specifications: Double Step Ladder.  Height: 1.5m to 2.7m Extension Ladder. Height: 3.3m to..

$1,025.00 $870.00 Ex GST: $790.91